Planning your trip    
  • 1- Choose your itinerary. This is done by either choosing one on of our suggested itineraries or in consultation with us, making a tailor-made tour.

  • 2- Send us, in order to get your visa invitation, the following information:

    a. Your complete names as they appear on your passport
    b. Your nationality
    c. Passport number
    d. Date of Birth
    e. Profession

  • 3- We will then prepare a visa invitation letter for you and send it to the embassy from which you will apply for the visa. When they have received it and are ready for your application we will inform you. This usually takes 4-5 days.

  • 4- You will then make the application to the appropriate embassy or consulate.

  • Click here For list of Libyan embassies/consulates and their contact information.
  • Click here For what you will need to complete a visa application.

  • 5- Once you get visa (usually takes 5-10 working days) you will then be ready to travel.

  • 6- You must plan your travel into Libya and we will meet you and take care of you from your entry point.

  • Click here for information on flights into Libya.
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