Location: 45 miles north-east of Benghazi

Probably founded in the 7th century BC (its origins are cloudy), Teuchira was a port city of the Greeks. During the Ptolemaic period, its importance was reflected in its status as one of the five cities of the Pentapolis, together with Cyrene, Apollonia, Ptolemais and Berenice (modern Benghazi). As with other cities of the region, it succumbed to the Arab invasion of 643 AD and was the final site of defence of the governor of Cyrenaica.

There is little to see at Teuchira compared to Ptolemais, Cyrene and Apollonia, but it is located on a pleasant coastal site. There is an interesting fortress which affords a good view of a nearby shipwreck. Entrance to the site is through the entrance of an old Turkish fort.
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Byzantine church

Teuchira Palace
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