Location: 250 miles east of Benghazi

Forever linked with the name of the great German commander, Marshall Rommel, who laid siege to and captured the city during World War II. Here you may visit his underground headquarters, also used by Montgomery during British control of the city. There are cannons and tanks on display while, close by, are the remains of the WW2 American plane Lady Be Good which crash landed in the desert - the crew perished in the Sahara after walking immense distances and their bodies were not discovered until the early 1950s. Here you may also visit the World War II cemeteries including the Allied Cemetery, the French Cemetery, Knightsbridge Cemetery and the German Cemetery. Near to the town, still rooted, is the famous fig tree which was used as a shelling locator during the war.
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World War II cannon

Rommel´s Headquarter

Knightbridge Cementery

Lady be good

The fig tree
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